Recycled plastic can be art!
Hundreds of million tons of plastics are made annually. Unfortunately, most of the produced plastic items are not recycled and reused. As a result, over eight million tons of them get into the oceans and hurt the ecosystem.
I want to show with my projects that you can make incredible things from recycled plastic. Plastic can be used not only as a utilitarian, practical material, but also as an artistic one. I believe products made from recycled plastic, as art objects, most touch people, changing the reputation of plastic for the better.
Cosmic Coral (2020)
The coffee table Cosmic Coral base was made of recycled low-pressure high-density HDPE polyethene in granules. The sculptural table frame is formed by spot heating and putting material layer by layer. As a result, the base does not have any additional binders and can be recycled again.

And now I invite you to visit my workshop to acquaint you with the production process.

Asteroid HDPE (2021)
Just imagine to date, several billion tons of plastic have already been produced; you can be compared this with the mass of a giant asteroid! Thus, plastic is becoming another permanent satellite of the Earth!
The Asteroid HDPE Sculptures Collection includes unique items resembling asteroids of various shapes and sizes. The material from which the sculptures are made is black recycled high-density polythene (HDPE). This type of plastic can be recycled again. Sculptures are created by heating layer by layer and gradual shaping. In production, electricity, and water are not used at all, and there is no excess material left.
Arctic Vibes (2022)
In the Earth's climate system, there is a noticeable increase in the average annual temperature. Melting ice in the Arctic is the key indicator of global warming.

The shapes and textures of the pieces in the Arctic Vibes collection are reminiscent of climate change. There are many steps anyone can take to slow down the pace of climate change. Millions of people around the world have joined the climate movement and are already changing their habits. The Arctic Vibes collection includes the coffee table, the mirror, and the lamp. Made by hand from a large fraction of recycled polyethylene by heating. Because of the absence of binders, products made from this type of plastic can be recycled at the end of their useful life.

"Arctic Vibes" has become a finalist in the "Art and Collectible Design" category of the RoGuiltlessplastic competition, founded and curated by the legendary Rossana Orlandi and Nicoletta Orlandi Brugnoni.

The starting point of the project is the conviction that plastic is not guilty. However, its abuse and misuse has created one of the most pressing environmental issues plaguing Planet Earth today. The aim of the project is to inspire the international creative community to explore a new philosophy of design and production using innovative materials derived from re-waste, and to discover the infinite possibilities for the transformations.

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